Regular Online services

Sunday Eucharist is streamed live from St Paul’s church on Facebook every Sunday at 0915.

Morning Prayer from the Rectory is streamed live on Facebook starting at 0900 from Monday to Friday.

You can find these by going to our Facebook page or by going to the Events page on this website.

A children’s collective worship (similar to their school acts of worship) can be found by clicking here

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Broadcast services

Facebook for the frightened

Dear Friends,

In this time of uncertainty and isolation there is perhaps a lot to be scared of. As with all things though we are often more scared of the things we don’t know or understand than we are of the things we do know and understand. This isolation has meant that we have been forced to think about what church is.

For me, church has always been more about the people than it has been about the buildings, the buildings are important, but not the be all and end all. And so, as we are isolated from each other we have had to re-think how we do church, and the internet has helped no end in helping us to provide an answer.

 You may or may not know of Facebook. It’s a way of communicating socially with other internet users worldwide, and significantly cheaper than that phone call to your niece in New Zealand. If you’ve never used social media like Facebook before it can seem daunting, although it really is very easy and very safe.

The Ministry Team and I will be posting on our Mission Community Facebook site videos and other links in the coming weeks so that you can continue to pray and worship from the comfort of your own home, whilst still maintaining those very important links with the church community. We really do need to keep praying and worshipping!

A few things about Facebook to begin with. There are private areas and public areas of Facebook. The private areas are where members of Facebook can chat with each other, the public areas are where anyone can access. The WDMC Facebook page is a public area.

  1. Open the internet (usually by clicking on Safari; ‘a little compass’) on your computer or tablet in the way you would any other time (see picture A below).
  2. Type this: into the address bar at the top of your internet home page (most people use Google). This will then take you to the Mission Community Facebook videos (see picture B below)
  3. The choice of videos and Posts is there for you to choose from and all the past videos are there for you to click on and watch.

You may well have hiccoughs along the way, please do persevere. A couple of checks you can do.

  • Check your sound is turned on and up on your computer or tablet. If you have a separate microphone plugged in for perhaps Skype then unplug it.
  • The video may stop and you’ll need to click the refresh button at the top of the screen in the address bar. This is sometimes because of so many people watching at once. There is little we can do about this, so we’re really really sorry.

We’ve put some pictures below to give you an idea of what you’ll see at each stage (A, B, C).

You may notice if you go to the Posts and scroll through for a look that some of the videos are not there yet and they are planned to go Live. You can watch these by tuning-in at the scheduled day and time. Just do the stages 1-3 above and scroll down to the live video, click it, and watch away.

I very much hope this helps.If you’re struggling then send us and email or phone and we’ll try to help you out.

With every blessing.

Andrew and the Ministry Team.

(A) This is what I see when I open the internet on my computer:

(B) This is what I see when I type in the address using the bar at the top:

(C)  All the videos laid out in a grid for you to choose from too.