Thy Kingdom Come

 The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has initiated another Thy Kingdom Come project for churches for the days between Ascension Day (21 May) and Pentecost (31 May) encouraging us to pray for 5 people to know the love of Jesus in their lives.  We will also be praying for his kingdom to come during our current crisis.

This year is a little different due to our current situation but we can still pray from home.

One of these 5 ways is the use of Daily Prayer for Thy Kingdom Come.  We will use this for our Morning Prayer sessions in particular but it is available to download should people want to use it at other times. Click HERE to view and to download it if you want

Please pray The Lord’s Prayer at 1200 noon each day if you can.

Click HERE for a link to the main website

Click HERE to link to 5 ways churches can be involved

Click HERE to go directly to the Family Interactive Adventure Map – this can be downloaded as an App. There is also a printable version on the same page.