Thika Visit

It was an excellent week visiting Thika Diocese, Kenya with some many new friends made and opportunities taken to learn more about what God is doing in this place. There were so many highlights:

  • Visiting Kairi Parish to meet the people of our link parish
  • Visiting so many churches and finding out the projects they are involved in
  • Visiting an ACK run children’s home and finding out what they are doing
  • Drinking lots of tea and ‘taking a bite’ with so many
  • Preaching at 2 services in Kairi Parish which included 500 young lads from the local High School.
  • Taking part in an after church auction of goods including live chickens and a goat!

Here are some images of that visit:


Revd David, Vicar of Kairi


St Peter’s Kairi


Children at St Luke’s Church


One of the Children at the Children’s Home


Magdaline and Joel who looked after me so well in Kairi


Some of the boys of Kairi High School leading worship in St Peter’s


The post-church auction… a goat and…