Back to Schools…

I’m sure pupils and teachers are looking forward to next week when our schools go back! (Do I hear cries of “Oh no, we’re not!”) …and just when the weather has decided to perk up too!

But it is not just our children who are committed to learning. Lifelong learning is to be encouraged for everyone – whether it is joining a U3A Session, taking up an evening class, learning a new skill or brushing up on something long laid aside.

The same goes for our faith. As disciples (learners and followers) we are committed to lifelong learning. No one ever graduates from the school of following Christ. So why not think about joining one of our home groups… Get a Christian book to read to make you think… listen more intently to that Sunday Sermon – you can start by coming of course – we are open for business every Sunday and would love to see you!

In our world, which is a moral maze, we can help our children find purpose by encouraging them to read the Bible or as the Psalmist put it:

How can young people keep their way pure?
    By guarding it according to your word. (Ps 119.9)

This term our Open the Book Team and Clergy will be visiting our Church Schools every week, and County Schools monthly, to take acts of Collective Worship. Our congregations are also deeply involved as Governors, helpers and people who pray for our schools.

Whilst Summer is drawing to a close an exciting Autumn is opening up before us.

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