What’s the snag?

Willunga Market
In the UK a ‘snag’ is something that we hit from time to time which needs to be overcome. ‘What’s the snag?’ It’s normally something small and insignificant but unless it is dealt with, can cause problems. Builders have snagging lists – small items that need to be rectified – at the end of a contract. None of the items is usually significant but unless they are dealt with then they spoil the finished product.
Sins can sometimes be only small things but unless they are dealt with then they spoil our relationships with God and others. If you’ve ever had a small splinter stuck in your finger you know how something so small can take over your attention to the exclusion of everything else. They can be painful even though they are hard to see.
Dealing with sin is something that requires action on our part in terms of coming before God and deciding to walk a different way. It’s called repentance. Once you’ve done it, it’s like pulling out a splinter. It releases you to get on with life without being distracted by something small but painful.
In Australia I found out another meaning of the word ‘snag’. It is slang for a ‘sausage’. Here I am at a ‘Sausage Sizzle’ raising money for the local schools’ ministry programme. It seems we are separated by a common language…