Off to Oz

I am planning to take 3 months off in the autumn (Oct – Dec) as a Sabbatical, the first in 20 years of ordained ministry. This has been agreed with the Archdeacon of Plymouth.

A sabbatical is a time when I can step out of what I have been doing here in West Dartmoor as Rector since 2008 and do something different. It will hopefully be a time to be refreshed and to recharge my batteries. During this time Gary will be taking the leading role, supported by Patrick and the other ministers in the Mission Community.

I will be spending 2 months in South Australia, near Adelaide, and then spending a few more weeks touring around before returning to the UK. Corinne will be joining me for the latter part of my time ‘Down Under’.

Clearly, in stepping out of the Mission Community for 3 months, it will place an additional burden of work on the team of ministers but I know you will give them your full support and understanding during this time.